Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A StarFleet's Story

Personal Log.

Stardate 58674.3

Early today,I received orders to join in an Away Team and beam down on the surface of the planet Khaalik III.

Our Comm Officer detected a very faint distress signal coming from an abandoned city. As well our scanners detected very low radiation emissions coming from the central building in the mid-town, but strong enough to does not allow our ship's sensor to spot the exact origin of the beacon. The Doc inyected us with the proper serum and we were ready to go. Our main goal was to spot the beacon by-foot using our Tricorders and try to find out what had happened to this people.

Khaalik III was a Colony of experienced Terraformes. They settled in the Planet over 50 years ago and kept contact with the Federation since then. It was a surprise for all of us when we detected the distress signal.

Once on the surface, we swept the area with our Tricorders looking for lifesigns but found nothing. We headed toward the main building. As soon as we entered the hall, I spoted a computer terminal wich was off-line.

I ran a level 2 diagnosys in order to see how I could turn this computer back to life. The analisys concluded that I was going to need an external source of energy if I wanted to succeed, so I took my hand-phaser's energy pack and made the connections. Voilá!

As soon as the computer came back to life, my Team Leader started to look for the logs archive. Luckily, the files were intact and we were able to sneak on them, looking fot clues.

One of the members found the origin of the beacon: it was a n old piece of communications. He was able to determine the exact moment of its activation: 2 days ago.

Using this information, we entered the dates on the computer and it showed us what happened: a crystal-like energy entity attacked the Colony. All attempts to communicate with the entity were unsuccesfull. This monster attacked the colony and swept it by complete: no lifeform at any level survived.

We started downloading this information to our Tricorders and were about to ask more equipment to handle the large amount of information when we received an urgent call from our ship: its sensors detected an odd lifeform, made of energy, coming from Khaalik II very rapidly.

Our Team Leader call us back and everyone headed to the Rendezvous Point. Once in place, we were beamed up to the ship.

We were on Red Alert and the Captain had issued the order to open fire when he realized that this creature was charging against our ship. I tapped my comm-badge and told him that we were not in position to offer resistance to this creature while we were not able to spot any weak points. That creature was the responsable of the Colony wreckage and they were unable to defend against it. I downloaded the last logs into the ship´s computer and showed him the final moments of the Colony.

He realized my point and changed his mind: "Helm: get us out of here, Warp 1, Engage!"

We left the Khaalik System, with no trace of pursuit from the creature. We must analyze the data recovered and warn Starfleet about this Being. We have a lot of work to do.

End log.

Estoy leyendo el primer libro de StarFleet Corp of Engineers... y se me ocurrió escribir algo en forma de prosa... ;)


@LeX Rodriguez said...

En realidad se murieron tripulantes ???? o fuistes el magyver y los salvastes con tu super poderosa navaja ???? jejejeje

Saludos Pri

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Excellent; very authentic!

Anonymous said...

Is Yeti Real?